The Christmas Helper by Lia Manea // Book Review

Length: 88 pages
Publisher: Build Your BLISSS (October 15, 2019)
ASIN: B08214W765
Genre: Non-fiction, Information, Holiday
Buy On: Amazon


Find your Inspiration and Get Organized for a Truly Wonderful Christmas! 

The magic of Christmas comes from something intangible: a mix of anticipation, childhood memories, the smell of freshly baked goodies, the chatter of family members, the joy in the children’s eyes when they unwrap presents and from feeling grateful and being involved in festive activities.

From a more practical point of view, the secret of a perfect Christmas lies also in careful planning and organizing.  

Are you constantly trying to remember every person you need to buy a gift for? Your husband, your parents, your child’s teacher, your sister-in-law, your best friend… the list goes on and on.
What about the parties you are hosting or attending?
What about all the fun things you want to do for yourself and with your loved ones during the festive season?
How are you going to keep everything organized and not fall into the trap of overspending?

The solution: your very own Christmas Helper, to give you top tips and the tools you need for a blissful Christmas and a stress-free holiday, including:

* November and December planning and activities (plus templates: Christmas Gift Tracker, Holiday Bucket List, December Calendar Planner, Christmas Parties and Events Planner, Christmas Card Mailing List, Online Order Tracker)
* Home Décor tips
How to choose epic gifts and avoid the trap of universal gift guides
* Suggestions of festive-themed books, movies, games and activities
Easy delicious recipes and fun cocktails
* What to do for a green, eco-friendly Christmas
* All about Secret Santa at the office
* Festive cartoons and jokes.

To every Christmas enthusiast’s delight, the book includes the most Christmassy poem of all times: “T’was The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore.

This beautifully illustrated book comes with plenty of suggestions that will help you to:
* plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family
* schedule out activities and events so you will not miss anything important
* choose truly thoughtful gifts
* save time and keep track of your holiday spending
* enjoy a cozy time with friends and family at home
* create a festive celebration that will put Santa’s elves to shame

Also included: access to a download link for the Printables!
Disclaimer: this book may not be the best for the real Christmas ninjas out there, as it may not rise to their advanced level expectations. So, if your winter holidays preparations easily put Santa’s elves to shame and if your Christmas Planner is the stuff of legends, maybe just gift this book to your friend who is looking for some festive inspiration and for a cozy feel good read near the Christmas tree. She will thank you for it!

Get your copy now, spread Christmas cheer and be merry!

Hot tip: This book makes for a great Christmas gift and an affordable Stocking Suffer. Don’t forget to buy a few paperbacks for your friends who love everything Christmas!

Meet The Author:

Lia Manea is an author, interior decorator, happy mother of one and part of a beautiful family. She previously left the finance corporate world so she could better take care of her family, follow her interests and continue to learn and grow. She loves reading books, going to the movies, making sure that nothing goes to waste and occasionally travel the world.

Lia Manea wrote “Find That Perfect Gift!” with the intention to sum up her knowledge in the beautiful and creative area of gift giving and with the hope of helping as many people as possible in their efforts to offer moments of happiness to their loved ones. Her next book, “The Christmas Helper: Get Inspired and Organized for Magical Holidays” is meant to be a cozy read for anyone who loves everything Christmas and to offer inspiration and practical tools for avoiding overwhelm.

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My Review:

Lia Manea just came out with her second book, “The Christmas Helper – Get Inspired and Organized for Magical Holidays”, and it is just as good as her first book–if not better!

I am always looking for holiday-inspired books around the holidays, so I was really excited when Lia contacted me and asked me to review her newest book. I really enjoyed her first book–Find That Perfect Gift–(you can read my review here), so I was expecting to enjoy The Christmas Helper just as well.

I sat down and read it in one read, because, it was so easy to read, yet interesting. I love short little books like this that pack a whole bunch of information and helpful tips into just a few short chapters. I have said many times before that I absolutely hate books that drone on and on to teach just teach a few principles. “The Christmas Helper” wax the complete opposite of this. It was the perfect length to satisfy the want I have sometimes to read something short with a nice cup of coffee (or Peppermint Mocha) or tea! I sometimes want just a short little book that I can read easily in one sitting while I am enjoying a short meal–or hot drink.

Not only did it satisfy this want, but I got a whole bunch of helpful tips for the holidays as well. Lia writes gift-getting and wrapping tips, game and craft ideas, as well some festive holiday recipes and even home décor tips. Could she have packed anything else in it?

Her writing style was awesome–she got straight to the point and didn’t waist anytime getting there, and opened some festive spirit to the reader in the process.

Whether you are struggling with trying to find the right gift, or entertain guests, or even just get some nice holiday tips, “The Christmas Helper” is the book for you! Get into a festive mood and acquire some knowledge in the process! Now is the perfect time to read “The Christmas Helper”.

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