Review Request Form

Before filling out this request form please read my Review Policies first. My ‘Review Policies’ state what I will and will not read.

Review Form

Currently I am swamped with book reviews and college life! That being said I do appreciate all of you who have requested a review! However, because I have a booked schedule, until further notice… from now on if you would like me to review your book, THERE WILL BE A FEE OF $17.00. If you pay the fee of $17.00, a review of your book will be up within two weeks! If you do not want to pay a fee of $17.00, I apologize, but your review will have to wait until I get caught back up with all my reviews. This may take several months or even a year. I am still taking review requests right now, but until further notice, I will not be scheduling any reviews unless a fee of $17.00 is paid. Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for requesting that I review your book/ebook. Once I receive this form, I will notify you whether or not I am interested in reading your book.

If I agree to review your book please keep in mind a few things;

1. I will only review books for non-authors if I own the book, or if I can find it at the library, since this is a review book. However, I still encourage you to fill out the forum because you never know what I, or the library, may own.

2. If you are an author requesting a review, you are responsible for getting me your book.

3. If you are sending me an ebook, please make sure that it is in Mobi format. I may also accept PDF.

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