¡Adios, America! by Ann Coulter // Book Review

Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Regnery Publishing; 1st edition (June 1, 2015)
Genre: Non-fiction, Information, Political
Audience: 17+ (some graphic descriptions on sensitive topics such as rape)
Buy On: Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Ann Coulter is back, more fearless than ever. In Adios, America she touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity,” and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants—all of whom are profiting handsomely from mass immigration that’s tearing the country apart. Applying her trademark biting humor to the disaster that is U.S. immigration policy, Coulter proves that immigration is the most important issue facing America today.


This is not rocket science. There are millions of illegal immigrants using our resources and clogging our systems, not to mention committing horrible crimes that get swept under the rug by the media as the work of a “local man” (who happens to be from Tijuana and just came here the other day).

We are complaining about an over-abundance of illegals, but yet we reward them to come here (with health care and anchor babies) and then wonder what’s happening.

Ann Coulter addresses this problem expertly. 

While Ann Coulter has a unique writing style–that at times is sarcastic–she wrote her book in a very clean and well written and organized fashion. The topic of illegal immigrants is a very touchy topic to discuss in America already–let alone write an entire book on it. However, Ann Coulter did this expertly. She did not write just a bunch of fluff, with her opinions and beliefs. She was well-researched and and had strong facts to back up everything she said. \

Adios, America! was not just a book written by someone claiming they know what to do to help America, it was written by someone who knows her facts and proved by history and real-life happenings that America needs to get a hold on her illegal immigrant policies. Ann stated the problems and facts as they are, without tiptoing around the hardest topics. She didn’t let others’ opinions influence her writing, as well, which resulted in a professionally-written book . 

Ann Coulter’s book is a wake-up call to Americans to remind them, in order to solve a problem, we must start at the root.


  1. Awesome! We need people in America putting out content about actual and literal FACTS!! This woman seems to do so! She’s sassy, too?! Why have I not heard of her before! Haha! Good review! It definitely got me wanting to read the book!

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    1. Ani says:

      I’m so glad to hear that!

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