Review Policy

Will I Review It?

What Will I Review? ALL types of Nonfiction (except with excess unclean language) *Christian Fiction; *Historical Fiction; *Most Fiction; *Classics; *Fantasy; *Fairytales

*While these genres are on my “will read” genre, I do have the right to refuse a book even if it is under one of these “will read” genres if I feel uncomfortable reading it.

What Will I NOT Review? NO adult romance (I will occasionally review books that have romance in them, but I will NEVER review books that contain any type of sex or heavy or medium romance) Hunger Games,  Science fiction, Books with unclean language, killing, violence, sex, or unclean content.

How do I review?  Firstly, I have a responsibility to my fellow readers to put forth my honest opinions and thus I always review honestly, respectfully and constructively. I review from the heart and place a huge amount of thought, time and effort into my reviews for the books I read as you will see if you follow my blog. Basically, the highest rating you can receive is a 5. I am currently working on a detailed star rating system, but until then, I will continue to review books as I have been. Thank you for your patience!