Review Policy

Will I Review It?

What Will I Review? ALL types of Nonfiction (except with excess unclean language) *Christian Fiction; *Historical Fiction; *Most Fiction; *Classics; *Fantasy; *Fairytales

*While these genres are on my “will read” genre, I do have the right to refuse a book even if it is under one of these “will read” genres if I feel uncomfortable reading it.

What Will I NOT Review? Adult romance (I will review books that have romance in them, but I will NOT review books that contain heavy/descriptive sex), Books with unclean language, killing, violence, sex, or unclean content.

How do I review?  First, I have a responsibility to my fellow readers to put forth my honest opinions and thus I always review honestly, respectfully and constructively. I review from the heart and place a huge amount of thought, time and effort into my reviews for the books I read as you will see if you follow my blog. Basically, the highest rating you can receive is a 5. I am currently working on a detailed star rating system, but until then, I will continue to review books as I have been. Thank you for your patience!