Kingdom’s Quest (the Kingdom Series Book 5) by Chuck Black // Book Review

Title: Kingdom’s Quest
Author: Chuck Black
Publisher: Multnomah (May 15, 2007)
Length: 176 pages
ISBN-10: 1590527496
Genre: Fiction/Christian Fiction/Fantasy
Buy On: Amazon

Synopsis (from back of book):

He was called to fulfill a mighty quest, filled with fierce battles.
A quest to bring hope to the kingdom…

Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of the evil Shadow Warriors, Sir Gavin is given a new name by the Prince to signify his new allegiance–to the cause of the one he once swore to kill. Called to share this message to everyone in the land of Arrethtrae, Sir Gavinaugh takes up his sword and embarks on an epic journey.

Winning hearts and minds with the power of his words and his skill with a sword, Gavinaugh travels from one end of the kingdom to the other, telling Outdwellers about the Prince, convincing them to join him. And though Gavinaugh is at times beaten, thrown in prison, or stranded far from home, the Prince himself guides his words, his sword, and his pilgrimage.

Journey to Arrethtrae, where the King and His Son implement a bold plan to save their kingdom; where courage, faith, and loyalty stand tall in the face of opposition; where good will not bow to evil–and the Prince’s chosen messenger speaks boldly of his quest.

My Thoughts:

Kingdom’s Quest is definately my favorite book in the Kingdom Series! In fact it is one of my favorite books of all time. It was such a beautiful, but still suspenseful and historical story. The characters were expertly written, created, and described by the author–Chuck Black–as usual.
Since pretty much every book in this series is a stand alone, we are introduced to pretty much all new charcters. Cedric of Chessington is still the narrator, and obviously the Prince and the King are still the main point to the knights.

Sir Gavinaugh (better known as Gavin). He is the main knight character and plays the biggest part in the whole book. He helps represent the life of Paul in the Bible. His interaction with the next new character–Keanna–represents Paul’s interaction with the Gentiles. I can not really say anything else about him because I do not want to give too much away.

Keanna is the main girl character and the dynamic between her and Gavin that is created is beautiful. I love that the author tied in how they met into their whole story. Their story was so beautifully written and I obsessed over it the whole time. *fan girl moment* I thought Gavin and Keanna’s story was the best written love-story of the whole series.

None of the books in this series, would I consider an actual romance story–they just follow the lives of a knight, and as in most people’s lives, this includes romance. However, I do not think that the author overdid any of the romance part. He added just enough to spice it up, but not too much to overdue it. My mom read this series out loud to my sibilings, and all four of my brothers–who are NOT fans of love stories or anything to do with romance–loved all the books in the Kingdom Series and always begged my mom to read another chapter.

Every star I gave this book was well worth it!

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  1. BenniePatterson says:

    Thanks, you certainly made sound like an interesting book to read. I will definitely consider it.

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