Capitalism for Kids by Karl Hess // Book Review

Karl Hess

April 8, 2019

PUBLISHED BY: Bluestocking Pr (May 1, 2005)

ISBN-10: 0942617355

LENGTH: 190 pages

GENRE: Non-fiction, Information

BUY ON: Amazon

Kids always have big dreams about what they want to be when they grow up; from firefighter to construction worker, they all have different ideas about what the perfect job would be. However, obviously they are young and do not quite understand everything that goes along with a job. Since they are too young to get the job they want, why not teach them skills that will prepare them for the real world. In Capitalism for Kids Karl Hess teaches kids how to grow up to be their own boss. He teaches about work and introduces the reader to capitalism. He explains how one can be preparing himself for the work force even now. With examples on different jobs one can do while still at home, he shows the reader that even if their desire is not to be a business person, practicing these principles will prepare them for whatever job life brings their way. Hess also explains that being an entrepreneur does not have to mean sitting in front of a desk all day. He says how even car washers are entrepreneurs. Anybody who starts or owns a business is an entrepreneur. Hess encourages the reader to brainstorm job ideas, but then explains how to do a job that people are willing to hire. He also explains the little—but very important facts—like, when starting a job, one must take into account all the expenses that will go along with it. It’s never too early to learn entrepreneurism, and with the help of Karl Hess, the reader will learn everything necessary to be successful. Capitalism for Kids is an awesome book for teaching kids valuable life lessons that will prepare them for the work force in a brand new light.

I personally did not enjoy this book a lot because I thought it was written for a much younger audience. However, I thought the book was written very well for younger kids (hence the 4 star rating). The author wrote in an engaging way that made reading easier for kids. One of my younger brothers struggles with reading, yet he is reading it right now, and has enjoyed it so far.

In my opinion the book was at a content level for kids too young to get most out-of-the-house jobs (around 12-14 and under.) Like I said in my synopsis, it explained many different job ideas and how to become successful in them. The authors explained all about work and how to become successful in a very great way. I reccomend this book for all kids at least 12 and under, but, some kids a little older might enjoy it as well.

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