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Hi! I’m Ani. Welcome to Ani’s Books!

I am a Christian homeschooler who loves reading. This blog was created after my dad gave me the idea. Since 2016, after watching the movie Gifted Hands, and seeing how much reading benefited Ben Carson, my parents started a new family rule that we must read at least one non-fiction book a week and write a book report on it. As I am a natural born bookworm, this wasn’t that much of a rule to me, but a privilege. Fast forward 3 years–I have read hundreds of non fiction books and still more fiction. My dad gave me the idea to share reviews on the books that I have read in order to encourage other teens and adults to read. As well as to provide them with recommendations on books for clean, educative, and informative reading.

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Ani G.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton