The Theft of America’s Soul by Phil Robertson

THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL Phil Robertson March 2, 2019 PUBLISHED BY: Thomas Nelson (February 5, 2019 LENGTH: 206 pages GENRE: Non-fiction BUY ON: Amazon MY BOOK REPORT Millions of people around the world have heard of or watched the famous reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. Now, in The Theft of America’s Soul, the father ofContinue reading “The Theft of America’s Soul by Phil Robertson”

Loving Monday by John D. Beckett

LOVING MONDAY by John D. Beckett FEBRUARY 24, 2019 PUBLISHED BY: IVP Books; Expanded edition (May 31, 2006) PAGES: 199 GENRE: Non-fiction, Business, Information BUY ON: Amazon   MY BOOK REPORT Do you grind through the week and live for the weekend? In John D. Beckett’s Loving Monday the author explains how that by living with integrity andContinue reading “Loving Monday by John D. Beckett”

Still in the Game by Devin Still

STILL IN THE GAME Devin Still FEBRUARY 16, 2019 PUBLISHED BY: Thomas Nelson (January 8, 2019) LENGTH: 256 Pages GENRE: Non-fiction BUY ON: Amazon MY BOOK REPORT: What would you do if you found out that your four-year-old daughter had stage four cancer? Still in the Game is one man’s journey through this. Devin Still hasContinue reading “Still in the Game by Devin Still”

Winning Ways by Dick Lyle

WINNING WAYS Dick Lyle FEBRUARY 10, 2019 PUBLISHED BY: Berkley; Reissue edition (December 1, 2001) PAGE NUMBER: 112 GENRE: Non-fiction BUY ON: Amazon MY BOOK REPORT Albert seemed to have it all—a bright mind, young life, and potential future; however, he had one problem—he did not work well with people. Winning Ways by Dick Lyle teaches “4 secretsContinue reading “Winning Ways by Dick Lyle”

Miracle for Jen by Linda Barrick

MIRACLE FOR JEN Linda Barrick FEBRUARY 9, 2019 PUBLISHED BY:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.; First Edition edition (February 17, 2012) PAGE NUMBER: 280 GENRE: Non-fiction, BUY ON: Amazon MY BOOK REPORT Fifteen-year-old Jen was on her way home from church with her family one night when the peacefulness was shattered with….BAM! Miracle for Jen is the miraculous,Continue reading “Miracle for Jen by Linda Barrick”

Lifted From Darkness by Alexa M. Foster

LIFTED FROM DARKNESS Alexa M. Foster FEBRUARY 6, 2019 PUBLISHED BY: WestBowPress (September 4, 2013) PAGE NUMBER: 276 GENRE: Non-fiction, Autobiography BUY ON: Amazon  MY BOOK REPORT Imagine being raped, beaten, and abused by the one person who is supposed to be your rock, your protector and your love. This is exactly what Alexa Foster wentContinue reading “Lifted From Darkness by Alexa M. Foster”