Riots of Passage by James McGathey // Book Review, Interview

In this highly anticipated follow-up to his memoir “One Hundred Virgins,” the author continues to document in riotous fashion life on a major college campus, in a major U.S. city. Though specifically Ohio State University and Columbus, Ohio, in a sense the particulars don’t matter because such experiences, though often outrageous, are universal ones.

Jay Got Married by James Robinson Jr. // Book Tour

Length: 142 pagesPublisher: Independently Published (September 6, 2019)ASIN: B07WQQ28WWGenre: Non-fiction / humorBuy On: Amazon SYNOPSIS: Jay Got Married consists of 9 humorous and, at times, poignant essays chronicling the ironies of everyday life in word and picture. Take for example the lead essay, aptly titled, “Jay got Married,” where I find myself mired in a horrendousContinue reading “Jay Got Married by James Robinson Jr. // Book Tour”

Better Off Bald by Andrea Wilson Woods// Book Review, Author Interview, Giveaway

Adrienne Wilson is a depressed, suicidal teenager–until the day she receives a diagnosis of stage IV liver cancer. Facing the fight of her life, Adrienne discovers how much she wants to live. In Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, Andrea Wilson Woods chronicles her sister’s remarkable life, from the time she was born to the day she dies at age fifteen.

Trek by Rand Bishop // Book Review and Author Interview

Early 2017. Rand Bishop’s heart was breaking. With post-election America turning mean, the Grammy-nominated songwriter/author couldn’t sit idly by. So, inspired by the woman called Peace Pilgrim, Rand — at 67, with chronic knee and foot issues, minimal camping experience, and zero knowledge about long-distance hiking — decided to TREK from Southern California to the Central Oregon Coast, a distance of 900 miles.

Rough Way to the High Way by Kelly McCoy // Book Review, Author Interview, Giveaway

His old life in ruins now, Mack learns he has angered a new enemy who threatens to destroy his life on the road as well. Mack suspects he is being followed and is in the sights of a killer who plots a revenge no one could have seen coming.

They Slay Me by Holland C. Kirbo

Holland C. Kirbo has learned a lot in her fourteen years of raising triplets, perhaps the most profound is that two lawyers should never breed. Laugh along with her stories of her children putting her on the spot, nearly bringing church to a stop, and making mortifying (and loud) observations about the world and people around them as well as their growing pains, independence hits and misses, hilarious conversations, vacation frustrations, and more. You’ll be holding your sides in stitches!

Small Town Kid by Frank Prem // Review, Interview, Giveaway

Small Town Kid is the experience of regional life as a child, in an insular town during the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, remote from the more worldly places where life really happens, in a time before the internet and the online existence of social media.

Childish Spirits by Rob Keeley // Book Review and Author Interview AND Giveaway

When Ellie and her family move into Inchwood Manor, Ellie quickly discovers strange things are happening. Who is the mysterious boy at the window? What secrets lie within the abandoned nursery? Who is the woman who haunts Ellie’s dreams – and why has she returned to the Manor, after more than a century?

Optimisfits by Ben Courson // Book Review and Author Interview

READ TO THE END OF THIS POST IN ORDER TO SEE THE NEWEST UPDATE! I had the great honor of interviewing a very inspiring author and speaker, Ben Courson, who just came out with his brand new book Optimisfits. I emensely enjoyed reading the book as well as reviewing it and interviewing Ben, so IContinue reading “Optimisfits by Ben Courson // Book Review and Author Interview”

BOOK TOUR: “Velvalee Dickinson: The Doll Woman Spy” by Babara Casey // Book Review, Author Interview, & Giveaway

This is my very first book tour and I was so excited to participate! You can read the synopsis, my thoughts, author bio and interview, and then enter the giveaway at the end of the post! Special thanks to Barbara Casey for allowing me to feature her book and interview her! Book details: Title: VelvaleeContinue reading “BOOK TOUR: “Velvalee Dickinson: The Doll Woman Spy” by Babara Casey // Book Review, Author Interview, & Giveaway”