The First day of BLOGMAS!

I have seen many youtubers do this thing called “VLOGmas”. Basically it means, that they pick a certain date to start, and from that day until Christmas, they post a video every single day. I decided to adapt my own version of this tradition, and call it BLOGmas! Therefore, I will be posting something everyContinue reading “The First day of BLOGMAS!”

The Winners of Two Giveaways…?

I am so sorry for such a long delay in getting these winners announced! The winner of Small Town Kid by Frank Prem is… . . . . Grace from Gracefully in the Moment And the winner of They slay me by Holland C. Kirbo is… . . . . Tara from TaraPanrucker CONGRAGULATIONS toContinue reading “The Winners of Two Giveaways…?”