Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong // Book Review

Length: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Reprint edition (August 2, 2016)
ISBN-10: 0718081447
Genre: Non-fiction, Memoir
Buy On: Amazon


Running for My Life is not a story about Africa or track and field athletics. It is about outrunning the devil and achieving the impossible faith, diligence, and the desire to give back. It is the American dream come true and a stark reminder that saving one can help to save thousands more.

Lopez Lomong chronicles his inspiring ascent from a barefoot lost boy of the Sudanese Civil War to a Nike sponsored athlete on the US Olympic Team. Though most of us fall somewhere between the catastrophic lows and dizzying highs of Lomong’s incredible life, every reader will find in his story the human spark to pursue dreams that might seem unthinkable, even from circumstances that might appear hopeless.

“Lopez Lomong’s story is one of true inspiration. His life is a story of courage, hard work, never giving up, and having hope where there is hopelessness all around. Lopez is a true role model.”

MICHAEL JOHNSON, Olympic Gold Medalist

“This true story of a Sudanese child refugee who became an Olympic star is powerful proof that God gives hope to the hopeless and shines a light in the darkest places. Don’t be surprised if after reading this incredible tale, you find yourself mysteriously drawn to run alongside him.”

RICHARD STEARNS, president, World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel


Running For My Life is now my current top favorite book! It was an AMAZING story of perseverance and bravery. Lopez Lomong has a truly unique story to share.

This book is full of humor and suspense. I was laughing one moment and screaming at the book the next. Even my 6 and 11 year old siblings, who also read this book, loved it. They laughed and got into the book just as much as I did.

Running For My Life was impossible to put down. There was so much happening that I was afraid I would miss it if I paused.

When Lopez first arrived in the States after he immigrated from Sudan, the culture shock he experienced was hilarious. As he learned to use everyday objects and technology, it really showed how much we Americans take for granted.

The first restaurant Lopez ever went to in the States was McDonalds, and he thought it must be the best restaurant in all America because of the vast food choices. And when he was given his sandwich, he was afraid to eat the whole thing because he could not believe that he did not have to share it with anybody like he always did in Sudan. He said that in Sudan, the biggest meal they ever got was on Christmas Eve when they were given a whole chicken. However, each chicken was divided between ten other boys. Lopez, was also appalled at all the food Americans throw away. He saw people leaving the restaurant and throwing away half-eaten meals, and he thought that just one of those half-eaten meals would be enough to provide a meal for half of the boys in his tent.

This was only the beginning of Lopez’s shocking learning experience. As he began to learn the American ways, I was almost as surprised as he was to hear the comparison of what he was used to.

Not only that, but as I read his story I was so amazed at the determination that this guy possessed. He came from a third-world country and was used to so much poverty, that he had more gratitude in his heart for just the simple things, than I would say most Americans have for anything. He jumped at the opportunity to get an education, and worked his tail end off working for it. In addition, his dream had always been to run in the Olympics–from the time that he was just a young boy living in a refugee camp–and when he found out that it was possible if he worked really hard, that became his passion. He spent all his free time training, and took this opportunity as a true gift from God. He spent hours and hours, day in and day out, running. He trained so hard for the Olympics, and even when he was treated un-justly or un-fairly, he did not let it bother him, because he thought that if that was the price he had to pay for such a great gift as running in the Olympics, then he was grateful to bear it. I am telling you, I have never seen so much gratitude in one person before.

I have not even touched base with this book–there is so much packed into it. However, I am going to let you find out the rest…by reading it yourself!

I 100 % recommend this book to literally people of ALL ages. Like I said, even a 6 year old loved it! And with Christmas coming up, it is the perfect stocking stuffer to give! If you order it on Amazon it is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. And while you’re at it, pick up one for yourself as an early Christmas present! It is worth every penny.



  1. Lily says:

    Wowww that sounds like an amazing book! *runs to put it on my 2020 reading list*

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    1. Ani says:

      Haha! Great!


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