Totally Surrounded by Christina Davis // Book Review

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In the remote, danger-filled jungle of the Philippines, Christina Davis lived out the gospel, using any opening to tell others about the one true God who had delivered her from pain and fear. Christina’s ministry began as a young teenager, when her three-month mission trip to the hostile jungle grew into a six-year labor of love. Her determination to answer God’s call not only changed her own life but altered the destiny of a people enveloped in darkness and oppression. Christina’s captivating story exemplifies why “nothing satisfies the soul as does complete surrender to God.


Growing up in a broken home, Christina experienced heartache early on. Her parents fought and screamed at each other more often than not. After one particular fight that got out of hand, Christina was left on her own. As the years passed, and after making a promise to attend college in order to graduate high school after being expelled, Christina finally accepted her friend’s invitation to attend church. Attending Calvary Chapel opened up the Bible to her in a way no one and nothing had ever done. She accepted Christ as her Savior only 2 weeks afterwards, and decide to quit the college she was attending in Northern California, in order to transfer to a Bible college. However, Christina did not last long here either because she fell in love with missionary work and was given the opportunity to travel on a missions trip to the Philippines. Little did she know how much this trip would change her life. Christina only planned on being there for 2-4 weeks, but God had other plans for her and she ended up staying for several years. Once she saw all the work that was being done and all the work that needed to be done, she knew God needed her right where she was. She braved the remote jungle, rebel militant, and witch doctors, to bring the light of Christ into the dark corners of the Filipino culture. For 6 years, she worked with fearless determination making a difference in countless individuals, families, and villages. Once the area got too dangerous for her to stay and Christina traveled back to the States, her work did not stop. She finished college, headed a non-profit ministry, and continued fervently in prayer. She also met and married her husband Michael Davis with whom she had two sons: Jake and Trevor. Christina continues to live her incredible story as God isn’t finished with her yet. From heartache to heartfull, Christina is an inspiring story of devotion, love, and courage despite all odds.


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