The Candlestone (Dragons in Our Midst Series Book 2) by Bryan Davis // Book Review

Bryan Davis

MAY 25, 2019

Publisher: Scrub Jay Journeys; 2nd ed. edition (September 20, 2004)

ISBN-10: 1946253960

Length: 404 pages

Genre: Youth/Fantasy/Fiction

Buy on: Amazon

Synopsis (from back of book):

The first book, Raising Dragons, plunged two teenagers, Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, into mind-boggling mysteries, life or death pursuits, and deadly sword-to-sword battles.    In The Candlestone, a mysterious book leads Billy into mortal combat with a powerful dragon slayer. Separated from his friends and finding his dragon traits useless against this enemy, he has to rely on new weapons, a sword and shield he cannot even see.    A scientist lures Bonnie to his laboratory with amazing news—her mother is still alive! And he should know; he’s her father. He has learned the secret of long life—dragon blood, and he wants Bonnie to help him with his experiments. But first he must send her to retrieve her mother from the candlestone, that strange, paralyzing gem that absorbs light and with it the strength of dragons and their offspring.    The candlestone is also a prison that imprisons people who have been transformed into light energy by Excalibur, King Arthur’s great sword. When Bonnie enters the stone, she learns that many disembodied souls have fallen prey to the gem’s powers, but no one has ever escaped. Her only hope is for Billy to overcome the dragon slayer and find a way into the candlestone, and, more importantly, a way out.    Billy and Bonnie face their greatest fears, and they learn to use their strengths, both innate and newly found, as they battle powerful enemies, ancient fiends from times long past, and the horrors of the blackest of prisons, captivity with the walls of unearthly darkness, the crystalline tomb of the candlestone. 

My Thoughts :

The second book in the Dragon’s In Our Midst Series! I enjoyed this book almost as much as the first one. I don’t know why, but I tend to like the first book in a series the best. Maybe it is because the first book always starts the adventure, and I always love starting new adventures.

The genre of this book is considered fantasy, but I personally think there was a lot of science fiction in it as well. This is surprising because I am not usually a fan of science fiction. In fact, I try to stay clear of them, because, in my experience, they usually are just weird, creepy stories. I did not know the books had science when I first started them, but I havenot been disappointed..

I thought Raising Dragons was suspenseful. Then I read The Candlestone. My goodness! This author sure knows how to grab the reader and shove him/her into the story!

I was frustrated so many times with the characters–just like if I knew them in real life. I even caught myself warning Bonnie out loud that she was making a dumb descision! I screamed and fought inwardly alongside the characters and was not ceased to be amazed by the author’s explanation of every scene. The Dragons in Our Midst Series would be cool to have made into a movie, but honestly, the author does such a good job of writing everything in riveting detail, that I felt like I was not only watching the story live, but IN it as well!

The Characters: In The Candlestone we are introduced to many new characters!
The newest character that plays the most vital villain part is Bonnie’s father. He is so sly yet smart, so many of the characters fell for him. I was leery of him from scene one, so I cringed everytime his name appeared.
We are also given a better introduction to Bonnie’s mother when Bonnie enters the candlestone. However, she is more of a spirit than a human by this time.
Ashley is introduced as well and she plays a vital part in making the ending what it was. She is a big part throughout the story as well, but I will not share what side she is on because I do not want to spoil that part of the story! I will say that she is seen as a naive young adult at the beiginning of the story who does not know whhich way to go yet. *Spoiler alert…I have already read the third book in this series as well, and let me just say, we see a lot more of Ashley!
We are also introduced to Ashley’s “adopted” sisters; specifically Karen who plays a very important part in the candlestone.
There are also many other charcters who are introduced as well, but the ones I described above are the most important.
Of course, we still have Billy and Bonnie playing the main characters. However, in this book we get to learn a lot more about Bonnie; and we get to experience a vulnerable side of her as well. She is faced with several huge descisions who’s results do not just affect her.

Overall, The Candlestone was well worth the read! I would give it a 4.5 star rating, but because I do not have that rating yet, I will give it a five.


  1. Aditi says:

    Hey Ani! I’ve seen your blog around and I’m just now finding it (Idk why?? I’m dumb XD that’s why). Love it so muchhh!!! Ahh, you’re a complete bookdragon like me! Important question: are you a fangirl? I am 200% a fangirl. I might even be more invested in fictional characters’ lives than my own (jk. sort of).
    Well, I hope we can become friends and I hope that you enjoy looking around my blog as well!
    – Aditi xx


    1. Ani says:

      Awww, that makes my day! Thank you! I just looked up your blog, and I loved it as well! Yes, I am a 100% BookDRAGON (I am so glad you did not say worm!). I took a fangirl quiz and it said that I was 91% fangirl. I would say that is pretty acurate: I absolutely LOVE reading, and I always get depressed, excited, sad, and happy, and a whole bunch of other emotions when reading. Sometimes, after I read a book, I am depressed or daydreaming all day long about it. However, I think the only two things I have ever been 200% (or more!) fangirl/fandom about was Star Wars and When Calls the Heart. I had almost everything Star Wars (clothes, calendars, accessories, books, etc). And I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching When Calls the Heart with my sister! Currently, though, I read so much that I do not have time to fangirl THAT much about books (but somehow I still manage to sneak it in!).


  2. Kaelyn says:

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Please feel no pressure to have to do it! It is just something fun to do, and if your blog does not do those type of posts, that’s okay! 😀 Thanks for having a great blog!
    Here is the link by the way if you need it:

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    1. Ani says:

      Ooooh, I love doing awards! I ca not wait to do it! Thanks for nominating me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kaelyn says:

        My pleasure, Ari!! 😀

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