The Lion and the Lamb by Charles Causey

Charles Causey

March 8, 2019

PUBLISHED BY: WestBow Press (November 18, 2016)


GENRE: Non-fiction

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Tell anybody the word Holocaust and ask what the first thing that comes to mind is and 9 out of 10 people will probably say Adolf Hitler or Nazis. The Lion and the Lamb by Charles Causey gives a behind the scenes insight on what really went on during the Holocaust. Many people know Adolf Hitler as the brains and wickedness behind this disaster, however, not many people have heard of or read about the other half. While Adolf Hitler was the leader of all this corruption, hundreds of Nazi leaders helped carry out his plans. From the Nazi who discovered the poisonous gas used to kill over a million Jews to the Nazis torturing the prisoners in the camps, Causey’s book brings the reader into the Nazis inner circle. Meanwhile, a courageous Dutch resistance worker did her fair share in making history—by risking her life daily to keep Jews out of concentration camps. Switching between these two vastly different stories, the author brings together a book full of horror and courage, and a new, unique look into the world’s most devastating event—World war II.

I have always heard of and learned about Adolf Hitler in History books and such, however, I have never really heard of the other Nazi leaders. This book was amazing; it was horrific and fascinating at the same time. I could not believe all the wicked things that went on behind the scenes of World War II between the Nazis. It proved that Satan really was at work during this horrible time in history. Learning about World war II from two different points of view was unique as well. It was saddening to read about the dark and depressing Nazi side as their number one goal is power, but then inspiring to read about the light and hopeful victim side of Corrie Ten Boom as her number one goal was just to save people’s lives. One side was just looking for earthly pleasures while the latter was creating eternal ones. As I read Corrie Ten Boom’s side of the story, it really made me check myself and realize how truly blessed I am to live in a safe and loving home. Nowadays in America we take so many things for granted. There is such a big problem with obesity because of this; we take for granted the things that God has blessed us with. The Lion and the Lamb was an inspiring story of hope and courage in the middle of a dark and horrid war.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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