Loving Monday by John D. Beckett

41-AR1FkMLL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_LOVING MONDAY by John D. Beckett

FEBRUARY 24, 2019

PUBLISHED BY: IVP Books; Expanded edition (May 31, 2006)

PAGES: 199

GENRE: Non-fiction, Business, Information

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Do you grind through the week and live for the weekend? In John D. Beckett’s Loving Monday the author explains how that by living with integrity and character, one can learn to love Mondays. Beckett grew up in business. His father owned a promising company to which he became an employee at a young age. However, Beckett experienced his fair share of trials—from the sudden death of his father, to the burning down of the factory, he has had to learn not to let his circumstances control him. Through all his experiences, God was the one that held him together. He learned to trust God and put his whole faith in Him, because He is the only one who can see the whole picture. Beckett explains how trusting God with everything including work, business, or school, one begins to stop worrying about what the week may hold and becomes excited to wake up to a new day—Monday or not. He shares his own experiences—how when he trusted the business to God and let Him own his life, he looked forward to working a lot more. Beckett explains how God created us for, and has given each of us, a purpose to which we are supposed to live for and when one recognizes this, life is a lot more enjoyable. Loving Monday is not written like a typical business book—from the knowledge of business men—but from the personal experience of someone who has lived through it all. From the trenches to rewards, John D. Beckett is the ultimate example of one who went from dreading Mondays to loving them, and in his book he shares his story so that you too can love Mondays.



Loving Mondays was fairly similar to No More Mondays which I wrote a review on awhile back . However, the main difference was that this book had a Biblical approach to it.While No More Mondays teaches how to find your true calling at work in order to love your job, Loving Mondays teaches how to succeed in business without selling your soul. Loving Mondays teaches the Biblical approach to business.  I enjoyed the Biblical aspect to business as I have read a lot of books that are secular based. I like both the Biblical and secular views of business. They both have the same starting point but their basis are different. I believe it is important for the Christian to get both views. Neither view is, in a sense, better than the other–they are both true and informative, i just believe that adding God to a business is very wise and something every person ought to do.

Love, Ani-1

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