Lifted From Darkness by Alexa M. Foster

_200_360_Book.1004.cover.jpgLIFTED FROM DARKNESS
Alexa M. Foster

FEBRUARY 6, 2019

PUBLISHED BY: WestBowPress (September 4, 2013)


GENRE: Non-fiction, Autobiography

BUY ON: Amazon 


Imagine being raped, beaten, and abused by the one person who is supposed to be your rock, your protector and your love. This is exactly what Alexa Foster went through for almost 10 years of her life. Lifted From Darkness is an amazing true story of abuse, love, and God. Working at a bar as a waitress, Alexa met her future husband. Jim Miller, as she waited on his table. Little did she know, just a few months later would transform the next decade of her life into a living hell. However, despite all she went through, Alexa gave her life to God and became a follower of Him. I was amazed completely by everything Alexa went through. Reading this book, I could hardly put it down as I was just captivated by her story. I was beyond stunned by her courage to survive through it all. And yet, what was most astonishing of all is that she didn’t hold anything against God for what she went through. She said that since He took care of her through it all, she has no right to hold a grudge. I haven’t gone through anything even close to that, and I catch myself holding grudges. Lifted from Darkness completely changed the way I look at life, love, and my walk with God.

*I received a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



  1. Oh, wow, that’s horrible! I really want to read it, I love deep stories about people being in these pits and then God saving them and the truth of faith…<3 Thanks for sharing, I am about to put it in my cart. ❤


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