Joe Glickman

JANUARY 21, 2019

PUBLISHED BY:  Falcon Guides (January 24, 2012)


GENRE: Non-fiction

BUY ON: Amazon

My Book Report


My Review

I cannot express in words how disappointed I was with this book. I wasn’t able to write a book report on this book because I didn’t even finish the first chapter due to the language. The first chapter was so full of cuss words that I couldn’t finish it. If the first chapter had so much language, I didn’t want to know how much the rest of the book was like. I have read several books that had some language, but I could read on, because it wasn’t too often. This book, however, was just ruined by them. I was really looking forward to reading this book. This lady’s story sounded amazing–being the first lady to solo kyak around Australia. I was extremely disappointed to not be able to read her story. The language was not even needed. It added nothing to the story. I DO NOT recommend this book at all!


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