JANUARY 20, 2019

PUBLISHED BY: NavPress; 1st edition (October 25, 2004)


GENRE: Non-fiction

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My Book Report

In Margin by Richard A. Swenson, the author explains the steps needed in order to live a margin-filled life. Burning the midnight oil to get assignments or projects completed on time, rushing out the door ten minutes late because you hit the snooze button too many times, having to cancel yet another event because of a forgotten doctor or dentist appointment—these scenarios are all results of a margin-less life. Margin-less lives are full of tired, disappointed people trying to keep up with life—but what if you didn’t have to catch up with it anymore? What if you didn’t have to feel like life was dragging you along so fast that you never had a time to just stop and catch your breath? Picture this: waking up on time and, in fact, having so much time in your mornings that you could push a few snooze buttons without worrying, arriving at work with time to spare, and turning in all assignments on the dot. You can now stop dreaming because, with Richard A. Swenson’s book, Margin, the reader can learn how to live a life full of good health, financial stability, and good relationships.

My Thoughts

I loved the style that this author wrote in. He told many stories to prove his points yet without taking rabbit trails. I thought that each story was well timed and written in order to give an example of what the author was talking about at the time. He didn’t drag on forever about one thing, like many informative book authors seem to do. He got to the point and explained it in a very followable and readable way. Overall I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.




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