Lost in the Pacific, 1942


DECEMBER 27, 2018

PUBLISHED BY: Scholastic Nonfiction October 25, 2016


GENRE: Non-fiction

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Stranded in the middle of the ocean, battling sharks, hunger, thirst, and hallucination. These scenarios frame Tod Olson’s Lost in the Pacific, 1942: “the incredible true story of survival that captivated a nation at war”. In the midst of World War II, eight men fly a B-17 bomber over the Pacific Ocean, carrying America’s greatest war hero “on a secret mission deep into the battle field” when they somehow fly off course and are on their last few gallons of fuel—without any clue to their location. These men are forced to land the plane in the middle of the ocean without food or water and only three inflatable rafts keeping them from the circling sharks that threaten to throw the men into the swirling ocean. How long until rescue? Will they make it that long?

I really enjoyed the suspense in this book. There was hardly a page that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what was going to happen next. The author took me along for the journey—vividly describing every detail. He made it seem like I was right there with the men experiencing the hunger pains, fear, and hope for rescue that the eight men where facing. I loved that this book wasn’t super long, yet not too short. It was the perfect length to enjoy on a rainy day (or, if you are like me, just because). Another thing that I really appreciated about this book was that there were no cuss words, (except for one that was dashed out) which is something I find quite common in war books like this one. The men in this book experienced horrendous things and yet the author told this riveting story without any unneeded garbage. Overall I really enjoyed lost on the pacific, 1942 and would totally read it again. Out of five stars I would definitely give this a five.


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