Hiding in the Light




DECEMBER 16 2018



GENRE: Non-fiction/Autobiography

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Imagine hiding your faith for four years from your family for fear of your life—yet here in the USA!? This is exactly what young, Sri Lanka native, Rifqa Bary, did. Hiding in the Light is her autobiography in which she tells the riveting accounts that led up to the current day. Born in Sri Lanka to a very strict Muslim family, Rifqa grew up following Muslims’ dark customs. When she was eight, her family moved to the USA where she attended a public school in New York, before her father moved the family again a few years later, down to Ohio to save living expenses. Rifqa remembers visiting her friends’ Christian families and being shocked and inwardly jealous at the love for each other they all displayed. She was also intrigued that there are no rules in Christianity. When she was only twelve years old, Rifqa accepted Christ into her heart and continued to go to church in secret. She lived like this for four years. However, when she was sixteen, she made national news when she ran away from home saying that dad had abused and threatened to kill her for her faith in Jesus Christ. Years later, and after battling a rare form of utarian cancer, Rifqa Bary shares her story of giving up everything for Jesus in her book, Hiding in the Light.


When I first read this book, I had to go back and read it again because I could not believe all this young girl went through to follow God. But what amazed me most was that she was only twelve years old when she started this journey. I kept asking myself, “How can a twelve-year-old give up everything she grew up knowing, risk her life, and hide a secret for four years knowing that if found out, she would die, all for God—and yet I have a hard time finding just 10 minutes a day to have a devotional time with God?” Her story really helped me realize how blessed I am to have grown up in a Christian family in the USA and have the freedom to openly worship God. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

Love, Ani-1

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