Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Lose Learn by John C. Maxwell
Age Range: 18 and up
Grade Level: Adults
Pages: 256
Published by Center Street: Reprint edition (September 1, 2015)
Genre: Non-fiction, Information
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What if losing wasn’t considered losing anymore? What if losing was changed to learning? John C. Maxwell writes, in his book Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn, that all that is needed in order to change a loss to a win is a change of mindset. Not every loss is truly a loss as long as you learn something from it. In fact, some of life’s greatest lessons are learned from losses. Many great and famous people succeeded after their greatest setback. John Pemberton, from Atlanta Georgia, had already invented several toxins when he decided to make a remedy to cure headaches. By accident, his assistant mixed the concoction with soda water. However, while many people might have thought this was a failure, it was actually a “happy accident”. The drink was completely transformed. Pemberton decided to sell his invention as a drink instead of a medicine and named it Coco-Cola, which is now the most popular soft drink in the world. As seen from Pemberton, losses can be turned into success stories. And this is just one of many failure-success stories Maxwell tells In his book. In addition, he tells all the principles needed in order turn your failures into successes. From humility to maturity, the author writes how each of the eleven principles plays into one’s success story. Chock-full with inspirational quotes, real-life stories, and inspiring success stories, Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn by John C. Maxwell is an awesome guide to turning failures into success.”

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