Adversity Advantage

adversity advantageThe Adversity Advantage by Erik Weihenmayer and Paul G. Stolitz
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: Junior High and High School
Pages: 256
Published by Touchstone; Reissue edition (August 10, 2010)
Genre: Non-fiction, Biography, Motivational
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“After becoming blind while in high school, Erik Wehenmay quickly learned to overcome  adversity. He started rock climbing and eventually became known as “the blind rock climber”. Erik then decided to try something harder and after accomplishing Mt McKinley, he made a goal to hike the seven summits—Mt McKinley, Mt. Aconcagua, Mt Everest, Mt Elbrus, Mt Uinson Massif, Mt Kosciusko, and Mt Kilimanjaro. He became the first blind man in history to ever complete the seven summits, the tallest peak on every continent. Using the seven summits Erik Weihenmayer and Paul G Stolitz teach seven principles to turn everyday struggles into everyday greatness. The principles are; 1) Take it on, 2) Summon your Strengths, 3) Engage Your Core, 4) Pioneer Possibilities 5) Pack Light, pack right, 6) suffer well, 7) Deliver greatness every day. In their book Adversity Advantage Erik Weihenmayer and Paul G. Stolitz teach you how to transform adversity into your most powerful advantage.




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