Failure is Not An Option

failure is not an optionFailure is Not An Option
Age Range: Adults
Grade Level: N/A
Pages: 416
Published by Simon & Schuster (June 23, 2009)
Genre: Non-fiction, Biography Memoir
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“Gene Kranz, a flight director in NASA’s Mission control and a key planer in the space program for three decades shares his experience in helping the United States win the Space Race. He witnessed several plans blow up-some even before they left the sight-as the US fell behind the Soviet Union. But he eventually became the flight director of Apollo 11, the flight that put the first man on the moon. And he also headed the Tiger Team that figured out and brought the three Apollo 13 astronauts back safely down to Earth. In his exciting, and detailed account of the United States attempt to win the Space Race, Gene Kranz also shares the lessons he learned through it.

My Thoughts: 

I learned that I shouldn’t give up if one of my plans or dreams fail or even just don’t turn out the way I was hoping. While the information in this book was fascinating, the book itself was hard to follow. I do not recommend this book for children or teens who do not love reading because of its hard-to-read format and length. Overall I would probably wait it a 2 on a 5-star scale (1 star for content and 1 star for well written information–just a little lengthy).




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