Crippled America

crippled america

Crippled America by Donald J. Trump
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: Junior High and High School
Pages: 193
Published by Threshold Editions (2015)
Genre: Non-fiction, Information, Political
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“Many people only hear the bad in Donald Trump-from people that don’t like him-but what they don’t hear is Donald Trump’s side of it. A lot of the bad that they hear is about a wall and immigration but in his book, Crippled America, Donald Trump talks about the wall and immigration for only about ten pages-so clearly it isn’t that important. Donald Trump also talks about the American military. We have fought in several wars that meant nothing to America, so it was basically fought for someone else. He also mentions the right to bear arms. Obama has tried to take the second amendment away from us for about 8 years. As Donald Trump states, “We don’t need to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. We need to crack down harder on the career criminals who traffic in guns illegally. Programs like Project Exile will help make our communities safer.” Donald Trump is not perfect-but nobody is-however, he loves America and wants to “make America great again.””

My Thoughts: 

I liked this book because I was able to get my own opinion on Donald Trump. I have heard a lot about what my friends say about him and what the news lies about him, but I was never able to say what my opinion was. After I read Crippled America I now can.




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