No More Mondays

no more mondaysNo More Mondays by Dan Miller
Age Range: 16 and up
Grade Level: Older High School
Pages: 272
Published by Crown Business; First Edition (January 15, 2008)
Genre: Non-fiction, Biography
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No More Mondays by Dan Miller. Do you find yourself hating Mondays? And/or find your job boring? Well did you know that the only person keeping you from loving Mondays and your job is yourself? In Dan Miller’s No More Mondays, the author tells how to find your true calling at work in order to love your job. If the only thing keeping you at your current job is the steady paycheck then you’re going to be disappointed. Dan Miller reveals that the only way to find true security is by finding and following your true calling and then creating or finding work that matches your passion and calling. When you have a job you love you are a lot more likely to succeed at it. Like in a Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown is complaining every day that his lunch is the same and it turns out he was the one making it; Miller tells how many people are like Charlie Brown. They are making their own lunches, are tired of them, and do nothing about. The only person from making you love and succeed at your job is yourself. In his book, Dan Miller proves that it really is possible to love both your job and Mondays. No More Mondays is the ultimate guide to loving Mondays and finding your true calling at work.”

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