Everything is Possible


everything is possible

Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: High School and Above
Pages: 208
Published by Baker Books; Reprint edition (August 1, 2017)
Genre: Non-fiction
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“Born without legs, Jen Bricker was given up for adoption immediately after she was born by her shocked biological parents who were unsure if they could care for her. However, in her new, loving, adopted home, the word “can’t” was considered a bad word, and Jen nor her brothers were allowed to say it. Therefore, from an early age, Jen never saw a challenge without wanting to overcome it. She learned how to roller skate using her hands, and learned to skate backward as well; she also learned volleyball, and became a power-tumbler, and aerialist. As a young girl, Jen had more strength than anyone in the whole school; and as a result her brothers would challenge their friends to an arm wrestling match with her–which they would always promptly turn down.  In school, Jen had many friends, as she was very talkative–and in fact, so talkative that on her report cards, her teachers would always put that she talked too much.  The lesson that this book taught is determination. Jen Bricker showed an amazing amount of determination-not only as a young girl but also now in her adult life. Power tumbling is not an easy sport to learn period-but for someone without legs, it might seem impossible. However, to Jen, “everything is possible” and she was determined to learn it. Her hardwork and determination paid off though as she quickly advanced to best on the team. Another example of her determination was when she was asked to become a worldwide speaker. To her, this idea did not appeal to her; she did not like getting in front of large crowds. However, of course, she was not going to say she couldn’t and she overcame her fear and now travels worldwide giving speeches to countries all over the world. In Everything is Possible Jen Bricker tells her story of how she uses her disability to encourage and inspire people all over the world.

My Thoughts:

Content Warning: This book does have an entire chapter where Jen talks about her guy roommates and guy friends; as well as a guy commenting on Jen’s figure (her b**bs and b*t). The author also describes her first kiss in semi-detail.
Overall, Everything is Possible was a very inspiring book; Jen’s story is amazing. All the things she does with no legs is more than most people do with legs.

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