Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: 7 – 12
Pages: 320 
Published by Multnomah on April 19, 2016
Genre: Non-fiction
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“Alex and Brett Harris were just ordinary 17-year old twin brothers. One summer their dad challenged them to an intense reading challenge. That summer they read books on all ranges of subjects from theology all the way to globalization. At first the challenge seemed impossible and boring, but as the brothers started reading they learned so much that by the end of the summer they did not regret taking the challenge at all. They started a blog and once they asked “why teens weren’t rising our culture’s low expectations.” The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of teens responded to this question and it quickly turned to a heated debate. Just three weeks after the blog was launched the New York Daily News, “the sixth-largest daily newspaper in the United States” wrote a feature column about the blog. “Think Big! HS Twins Tell Peers” it read. They were even invited to apply for an internship at the Alabama Supreme Court. They were the youngest interns in the history of the Alabama Supreme Court. But by the end of two months they had gone from running errands to accompanying Justice Parker to prestigious events. In their book, Do Hard Things, Alex and Brett Harris encourage one to do hard things and to step out of your comfort zone to take a stand.”



My Thoughts:

“Do Hard Things” was an awesome book challenging teens to doing hard things. After reading this book, I definitely was challenged and since then have accomplished several challenging tasks. The brothers story was very inspiring as well–how their movement began is very interesting. Overall I thought this book was an amazing book that EVERY teen should read”



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